Thursday, 31.8.2023 / Friday, 1.9.2023
18:30 – 19:15 / 20:15 – 21:00 on 31 Aug / 20:15 – 21:00 on 1 Sept, Pop-Kultur Soccer Club
Free entry!

Tischkau & Hampe: »Colonastics« – Sign up for the workout performance!

Colonastics – Fit for Fans
Bawling, barbecuing, boozing and balls! If you’re a true »Ultra« (a football fanatic), you know how exhausting football fan life is. The Fit for Fans workout offers you the perfect pre-season preparation. Here you can register for the workout!

Colonastics – We Will Rock You!
Have you always dreamed of strutting up and down the stadium stage like Jagger? Or longed to wallow in despair like Jon Bon Jovi, or headbang your brains out at Wacken? Then this »rockout« is just the thing for you. Here you can register for the workout!

ATTENTION: new timeslot: »Colonastics – We Will Rock You!« takes place on Thursday and Friday from 20:15 to 21:00!

is the world’s first fitness programme that draws solely from the physicality of White cultural practices. Stiffen your joints, shorten your tendons, throw off your limbs uncontrollably and perfect your audience wave. Feel White supremacy flow through our collective consciousness and become part of a movement that will revolutionise the fitness world.

Participants: Onur Agbaba, Frieder Blume, Nima Séne, Elisabeth Hampe, Joana Tischkau